Before you consider any other type of reef enhancement or the development of a local and regional dive site, discover Reef Worlds artificial reefs. Designed by divers and reef ecologists and deployed by design teams who have worked on high profile film and television design projects for the past decade. We understand all aspects of tourism planning and development and have the peer reviewed data to show how artificial reefs can improve your resorts bottom line.

Reef Worlds help struggling natural reef systems by concentrating tourism on our artificial reef structures leaving natural reef systems off shore to continue to grow and prosper. Reef Worlds green ocean structures meet at the intersection of art and science to greatly enhance marine areas both visually and economically, providing immediate value to divers, swimmers and snorkelers.

Reef Worlds Artificial Reef Design

A Reef World art inspired artificial reef on your properties waterfront will help sell condos, boost timeshare and fractional ownership, add room nights and dramatically expand your ability to offer iconic entertainment choices to your valued clients while at the same time providing a new haven for regional marine life.

We execute all levels of project development, from the design phase to opening.

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