Artificial reef design and habitat reconstruction for resorts. Reef loss is a trending economic problem around the globe where hotels and regional populations depend on reefs for fishing and resort tourism. From the Caribbean to the Mediterranean reef loss has been tied to tourism loss as clients leave seeking pristine reefs. Coral reefs provide a vital home for marine creatures, acting as a nursery for fish and a food resource for higher food chain predators.

Building Resort Artificial Reefs

The creation of resort based artificial art reefs designed for both tourism and the environment serves a dual purpose. In addition to increased marine life, exciting new artificial reef dive and snorkel locations at resort hotels lead to new economic opportunities. Reefs that gain larger, healthier, populations due to the placement of artificial reefs paired with the addition of visually stunning structures are a magnet for scuba divers and snorkelers the world over.

Over 70% of our planet is water. What's in your waterfront?

Redesign Waterfronts With Artificial Reefs

Reef Worlds reimagines your denuded waterfront creating fully monetized and ecologically beneficial underwater tourism sites that will add to your bottom line. There are whole new tourism "worlds" past your high tide mark that we would like to develop with you. Resort hotels are beginning to realize new tourism potentials with artificial reefs located just past their high tide mark. Acres of underwater property that could be renewed and revitalized with the addition of artificial reefs.  

Let's reimagine your resort waterfront potential together with Reef Worlds!