A successful resort is an ongoing challenge that requires the combined forces of management and vision

The Economics of Artificial Reefs

The journey toward creating a "customer for life" begins with a guest's first stay. Beyond the factors guests require from all hotels -- quality, convenience, price, and brand reputation -- hoteliers must carefully examine their target segment for cues on how to entice new customers. Let us help you redefine your customer experience with an artificial reef teeming with sea life.

The World Tourism Organization statistics predict international tourism arrivals exploding from one billion to 1.8 billion by 2030. Lead by a number of factors, millennial preferences for experiences over things, a growing global middle class, and boomers pent up demand for travel are spurring the best possible scenario for global hotel development. How will you stand out in this new market?

Water parks vs Artificial Reefs

Before you consider adding an expensive water park or other land based entertainment zones to your resort property, consider the economics and value of art inspired artificial reefs. Artificial Art Reefs cost less to build, create new revenue and wildlife habitat, thrill your guests, and have zero maintenance costs.

Our artificial reefs projects enjoy a typical ROI within one calendar year. They also enjoy high level green media exposure as they help regional wildlife thrive. Reef Worlds company philosophy is rooted in Ecological Economics, the meeting place of human economic scales and those of natural world to produce long term sustainable solutions.

As global reef losses continue to mount and near shore resort hotel tourism demands for ocean interaction increase, market based solutions like art inspired artificial reefs, in tandem with forward thinking resort developments create ways to sustainably manage their growth with the least amount of impact to the surrounding natural resources.

The science is in, artificial reefs work. Let's build!

Reef Loss Solutions

It is a sad fact that near shore resort reefs are in decline all over the world. A comprehensive analysis of over 35,000 surveys conducted at nearly 100 Caribbean locations since 1970 reveals the region’s corals have declined by more than 80 percent. Restoring key fish populations by improving habitat could help near shore resorts reefs recover and make them more resilient to the impacts of climate change, according to the study from the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the U.N.’s Environment Program.

Caribbean resort developers alone control close to 275,000 square miles of nearshore reef coastlines, currently these spaces are in decline, and your guests have noticed. 

With art inspired artificial reefs set on your property, you can revitalize near shore resort reefs at a fraction of the cost of traditional resort enhancements, rehabilitating reef zones one unique site at a time. The economics of resort based tourism reefs are easy to understand.

Your new artificial reef tourism revenues will last the lifetime of your property.

Let's build something incredible together.