Underwater Sets - Film/TV and Commercials

"We envision ocean spaces where International brands create Artificial Reefs for generations to come"

The underwater world is the least filmed and utilized on a commercial level due to the shortage of production support and underwater vision. At Reef Worlds our entire team come from creative film and television backgrounds - underwater. We build for advertising clients like BBDO who demand the unusual and technically challenging and we deliver.

We are also accomplished filmmakers and creators of some of the most memorable and cutting edge water based commercial moments filmed in the last five years.

We design, build, deploy and manage entire production sites underwater for television commercial and film. Imagine lost cites, Mayan Ruins, meticulously designed and executed sets, wild sharks, colorful tropical fish and even...mermaids. We create and shoot these worlds both during the day and night.underwater design element film/tv and commercials

Leading brands like Coke, Ford, Toyota, Nike, Amazon, Starbucks and Apple benefit from eye popping underwater worlds populated with charismatic mega fauna featuring their brands. We'll take your audience on a National Geographic style underwater adventure and exploration with your brand.

It's a vision thing, some brands get it, others would rather follow the current trends. At Reef Worlds we set trends, we don't follow them.

The Commercial Market

We know today's television marketplace for commercials is battleground and true breakout commercials that ultimately go viral need to the filmed in unique locations with stunning visuals. We create those locations from scratch, designed and built to your vision and set in locked down underwater locations and populated with wildlife - or not it's up to you, but as our team would recommend - always go big.

Reef Worlds production teams enjoy access to several underwater production sites in Florida and the Bahamas at shallow depth profiles and 100 foot visibility. Along with design and build our teams can offer you the following support:

  • Diving Coordinators
  • Diving Supervisors
  • Safety Divers
  • Construction Divers
  • Underwater Models
  • Underwater Doubles
  • Marine Scientists
  • Shark Wranglers
  • Underwater Camera Operators
  • Underwater Lighting Technicians
  • Underwater Camera Assistants
  • Researchers
  • Marine Coordinators
  • Boat Skippers
  • Marine Assistants
  • Marine Engineers

Let us show you new worlds to film and promote your brands. We're a phone call away and ready to share in your vision.