Art inspired artificial reefs address regional habitat loss - what's in your waterfront?

Tourism ARTIFICIAL REEF solutions

One of the biggest mistakes resort hotels make are revenue decisions based on current conventional wisdom. Many hotels fail to identify new ways to adapt and grow their business in today’s marketplace, missing out on additional revenue opportunities because they are not making sustainable tourism choices.

Nearshore resort reef loss is a trending economic problem around the globe. Our company offers a completely unique solution. 

The creation of resort based artificial art reefs designed for both tourism and the environment serves a dual purpose. In addition to increased marine life, new artificial reef locations lead to new economic opportunities. Reefs that gain larger, healthier fish populations due to the placement of artificial reefs, paired with the addition of visually stunning structures become a magnet for scuba divers and snorkelers.

Reef Worlds reimagines your denuded waterfront for you and creates fully monetized ecologically beneficial underwater nearshore sites that will add to your bottom line. There are whole new tourism worlds past your high tide mark that we would like to develop with you. After all, you own these spaces, and for the past many years these spaces, the reason your clients engage with the oceans, have been left without any attention paid to them. Much like your well tended greenscapes on land your waterfront needs your attention.

REEF Worlds 

From oceanfront underwater theme park design and build concepts, to site layout, to turnkey solutions for onsite and offsite dive operations we do it all. Reef Worlds team members come from diverse backgrounds in tourism, scuba diving, film/television production, marketing and design. We can build your new Reef Worlds art inspired artificial reef site or multiple sites at any depth to maximize your client interactions. From uniquely created scuba instruction sites maximizing diver traffic and repeat customers, to snorkeler sites where the entire family can play, to even commercial submersible operations looking to enhance their clients’ interactive experiences; Reef Worlds represents the next step in underwater experiential adventures.

Are you ready for the next step?