Exciting new resort revenues and Habitat 

Tourism research has found that guests value vacation experiences over amenities, which has lead many brands to rework the way they deliver unique tourism experiences to their guests. Additionally, guests who are fully engaged are less sensitive to price because their emotional connection with the brand moderates their concerns about cost.

Artificial Art Reef Builder

Reef Worlds is the leading global designer and builder of art inspired artificial reefs for resort hotels. We help properties stay competitive by offering low cost, high revenue, artificial reef tourism design on your waterfront.

Think beyond the edge of your pool. 

Reef Worlds has redesigned the typical artificial reef with a fusion of art and science tailored for tourism and the environment to create the "next big thing" on your property.

  • Unique Beachfront SCUBA Programs
  • Environmental Habitat Rehabilitation
  • Improved Per Cap Spend

Our vision for your resort hotel waterfront attracts clients to your property from around the globe seeking completely unique tourism experiences. Easy access and underwater exploration from your beach will reveal Lost World adventures for the entire family while providing new artificial reef habitat for wildlife. 

Our artificial reef vision follows in the footsteps of legendary American architect Frank Lloyd Wright  we believe in his "Organic Architecture" philosophy of design. 

The end result for your hotel is the creation of a new, fully monetized, artificial reef environment inclusive of dramatically enhanced snorkel and diving programs branded to your property; in places where none previously existed.

Green Tourism 

Artificial reefs develop into thriving reef communities that are almost indistinguishable from their natural counterparts over time. The success of artificial reefs is due to the provision of greater shelter, new food sources, greater juvenile protection and more space for marine organisms. 

Your new, full monetized art reef, also acts as a mini marine park. A space where local fishing pressure is greatly diminished and regional wildlife can thrive. Resort owners across the globe are beginning to realize acres of new tourism spaces right off their beaches.

What's in your waterfront?