Reef Worlds, a Los Angeles-based underwater tourism design company, has submitted the final design for the world’s largest sustainable underwater tourism site in Dubai, which will now have a Hamour Habitat, as well, 'Emirates 24|7' can reveal.

“The ‘Pearl of Dubai’ project is in final design phase with the client. We have submitted our last rendition of the proposed site and unique Hamour Habitat for their internal review and waiting on design approval,” company CEO Patric Douglas told this website. The Environment Agency Abu Dhabi had said earlier that Hammour is on the endangered list after been over-fished seven times the sustainable limit.

The company did not reveal the location of the project on The World, an artificial archipelago of over 300 islands, citing non-disclosure agreement signed in 2013/14. Douglas said Nakheel, master developer of The World islands, has not approved the project and "will not until they see final design approved by our client".

There has been five draft revisions since the company first announced the project in 2014, the official said, emphasising the site has unique regional design influences and is a major habitat center for regional wildlife. In 2014, Reef Worlds said the park will be modeled after Atlantis, the mythical lost city, and is inspired by Hollywood films ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘Avatar’.