Create the ultimate vacation Adventure With sharks

We'll let you in on an a big industry secret...shark encounters are one of the fastest tourism growth opportunities in the market right now. Our design and environmental team have taken this market trend and expanded on it to create unique spaces that offer both shark tourism and education.

Since 2002, shark diving education and outreach has grown into a global $500 million dollar a year tourism and conservation juggernaut making shark encounters one of the most exciting interactive spaces you can build at your resort hotel. In Palau, an archipelago of roughly 300 islands in the western Pacific, shark diving accounts for US $18-million annually, or eight percent of the nation’s gross domestic product.

Commercial shark diving with keynote species has seen the fastest growth in the history of scuba diving. A recent study found that shark tourism companies now operate in 83 locations in 29 countries (Gallagher and Hammerschlag 2011).  Divers are very interested in seeing sharks alive and healthy in the ocean and are willing to pay a lot to see them (White 2008). In Fiji, Vianna et al. (2011) estimated that 78% of all divers visiting the country in 2010 engaged in shark-diving activities.

Shark diving has gone mainstream without the concerns typically associated with cetacean (dolphin) encounters.

In the Bahamas, commercial shark diving is a cornerstone of tourism generating an estimated $80 million dollars in regional hotel revenues per year. It's no wonder the Bahamas created one of the first global shark sanctuaries and is known as The Shark Diving Capital of the World. 

Not surprisingly, we know a little bit about sharks, conservation, and commercial shark diving.

In 2002 Reef Worlds CEO, Patric Douglas, pioneered cage diving with Great Whites at Isla Guadalupe with his company Shark Diver. For fifteen years he and his team innovated cage and shark tourism design, developed groundbreaking conservation programs with sharks (Shark Free Marinas), and created unique Film and TV moments with these remarkably charismatic megafauna. 

Today, he and his team are still involved with sharks and television programming. You can see them on this year's Discovery Shark Week (June 2016) with Nuclear Sharks. Filmed on location at Bikini Atoll, site of the US nuclear testing program in the South Pacific the team wanted to discover how Grey Reefs survived over 23 atomic tests. What they discovered will rewrite the book on this unique species. 

Talk to us about a unique shark educational encounter space at your resort hotel. With over 18,000 happy shark divers served since 2002 and 16 years of innovation in the shark diving space we can show you how to create safe, remarkable, shark tourism on your property for less cost than you might imagine. 

Discover our latest design for a hybrid shark research and education center located on your resort footprint. 

Let's create unique spaces where families and guests can act out their vacation together. 

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