Our latest and most innovative client project yet features a solar and wind powered shark research and education center for resort hotels. Our completely unique client design transforms unused waterfront space allowing guests to interact safely with enclosed shark species while providing ongoing shark research. 

The Shark Research Center is branded and integrated with the resort property and adheres to best animal husbandry and environmental standards. Periodically released animals are tracked with satellite tags. Real-time tracking data is made available to shark researchers and hotel guests via unique smartphone app design, creating a proprietary level of interactivity and shark education awareness with your valued guests.

The Shark Research Center offers a viable alternative to cetacean encounter spaces and offers both a high revenue return for our resort clients along with a uniquely designed education and research base for regional NGO/Marine partnerships. Sharks as apex predators showcase the health of reef systems and are amazing ambassadors for education and awareness. 

Resort design trends are continuing to evolve, with a focus on making the most out of spaces to optimize every inch of footage in a way that exceeds the needs of your guests. Reef Worlds creates a stage where guests can act out their vacations. 

Discover our shark encounter expertise, then imagine an underwater Lost City on your property....populated with sharks.

Let's build the ultimate tourism experience together!