Not your Typical Job Application

Reef Worlds is the leading underwater artificial reef and tourism development company on the planet (we checked). We're currently searching for a few 'above average' resort sales staff. Help us bring Reef Worlds artificial reefs to waterfront hotels in need of both unique tourism revenue spaces and habitat rehabilitation.

Globally, there's over 5 million square miles of resort waterfront spaces in need of rehabilitation now, that's a lot of territory. The Caribbean is a prime example of reef loss touted to be close to 80%. Artificial reefs are the answer, and resort tourism is the catalyst for positive change.

We're looking for sales staff with recent resort hotel development experience and NGO's with resort programs in place.

Are you in the middle of a project, just beginning a project, or best friends with the resort owner? Let's chat. 

We offer generous compensation packages to the right team members and we can show NGO's ways to fund their regional projects into the next decade, sound interesting? Read on.

Applicant Specs

You must be a tourism visionary, because we are. You must believe in the possible, because we do, and you must want to see the oceans become a better place for wildlife, because that's our ultimate goal. 

"If the smartest people in the room are telling you it cannot be done, reevaluate how smart they are, and go do it".

Are YOU our candidate?